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The world is changing and it requires answers.

In a world that is compounded by fragility, anxiety, difficulty to comprehend, and non-linear (abbreviated BANI - Brittle, Anxious, Non-Linear, and Incomprehensible) leaders have the potential to build organisations that win in the marketplace. 


Lionel leverages his long career in some volatile and unpredictable markets to help you adapt to the needs of the new marketplace.


Speaking Engagements

Lionel speaks on practical strategies to drive growth and organizational transformation which is necessary to adapt to new challenges. His practical experience and insights will provide business leaders with a fresh perspective and effective diagnosis of real challenges.  Lionel’s approach is unique in that he applies relevant and actionable insights into how to drive organizational transformation while managing multiple stakeholders to drive effective performance.


Executive Coaching

Lionel draws from his deep expertise to coach C-Suite executives and senior management teams on a broad range of strategic issues that are at the center of organizational and personal growth. 



Lionel leans into his broad network and extensive experience to partner with you from strategy to culture. Lionel will guide you to craft practical solutions for geographic expansion, product category growth strategies as well as impactful leadership in Africa.



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